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Weedmaps: 9 cannabis gifts for the food and beverage cannaseur

Good Stuff High-CBD Hybrid Black Cherry Mixer

Infused edibles and delicious cannabis products can stand out as thoughtful, fun, and unique gifts for hosts and loved ones during any time of the year, but many are especially well-suited to seasonal gatherings and feasts. From sharable infused caramels to terpy strains that enhance every step leading up to a party, there’s something for every 420-friendly chef, mixologist, and host on this list.

Below, check out nine unique gifts for the cannabis-loving gastronomes in your life.

cannabis gifts for the food and beverage cannaseur

For the munchies lover: Stone Road Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls

The beautifully and sustainably packaged 5-pack prerolls from Stone Road contain an eighth of cannabis in total. And the hash-infused version offers a nice, strong body high — kind of like an aperitif to stimulate the appetite, or a digestif to promote digestion.

Stone Road is an inclusive and nature-forward brand that specializes in small, limited releases; its organic flower is grown on an off-grid farm in Nevada City, California, and each joint is lovingly rolled by hand.

Available: California, soon Massachusetts

For the soda fans: Green Monke

So many drinkables are aimed at cocktail, beer, or wine drinkers, but Green Monke is all about celebrating soda with a classic sweet and bubbly character. Fun flavors like orange passionfruit and mango guava are just the right balance of classic and adventurous.

Each 12 oz can of Green Monke is a microdose, featuring a 2:1 ratio of 3 milligrams THC to 6 milligrams of CBD — just enough to take the edge off. Pop lovers will enjoy the classic taste and texture, and those who are looking to fancy it up can pair it with bitters or liqueur for no to low alcohol concoctions.

Available: California

green roads hemp flower coffee
Photo courtesy of Green Roads

For the wake n’ bakers: Green Roads CBD Coffee

Green Roads CBD coffee combines estate-grown award-winning coffee from Colombia, with high-quality hemp properties. With a focus on environmental and human wellness, there is a lot of attention to detail in the sourcing, growing, and processing of all its ingredients.

The coffee itself is delicious, and each small batch features a unique hemp profile that is displayed on the bag. Especially nice for those who tend to feel jittery from coffee, the CBD lends a gentle touch to the caffeine, reducing heartburn and anxiety. Go all out for the coffee fanatic in your life and combine a bag of coffee with the brand’s hemp-infused chocolate bar for a thoughtful double gift.

Available: Nationwide

Find Green Roads

A cozy addition to a gift basket: Identity CBD Bone Broth

High-quality shelf-stable bone broth infused with CBD? Yes, please. With a base made from Norwegian poultry, along with collagen peptides and 10 milligrams of CBD per serving, this is what cozy winter nights are made of. Identity’s single-serve packets come in a few different flavors like ginger ramen and chanterelle, and just need to be mixed with hot water to make a cozy sipping broth, or used as a base in stews and braises.

Available: Nationwide

For the menu planner: A Golden State Honey Flower Sativa

If you or someone you love enjoys a good menu planning sesh where focused organization and creativity are in balance, then the sativa strain Honey Flower is the go-to. Honey Flower is cultivated by the California-based company, A Golden State, which also grows other specific strains using snowmelt from Mount Shasta, and the packaging is just as nice as the flower inside. Bonus points for anyone who gifts themselves or a loved one a sampler pack, which includes a sativa and an indica to indulge in strain-specific highs.

Available: California

Find A Golden State

For the whole group: Mello Sea Salted CBD Caramels

The best thing about Mello’s Sea Salted Caramels is the quality. It’s luxurious caramel with tasty sea salt bits, balanced between chewy and smooth, and all-around delicious. The box it comes in is attractive and looks nice displayed as is, making it a sleek and easily shareable gift to bring to a large gathering. There are 20 caramels individually wrapped, each with 15 milligrams of CBD.

Available: Nationwide

Good Stuff High-CBD Hybrid Black Cherry Mixer

For the adventurous mixologist: Good Stuff High-CBD Hybrid Black Cherry Mixer

With a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, Good Stuff Beverage Co‘s black cherry lemonade concentrate produces a smooth intoxication. The bold black cherry flavor makes it suitable for replacing spirits in a traditional recipe, like an old-fashioned or highball, replacing 1 oz of liquor with 2 milligrams of THC and CBD.

The cap doubles as a measurement tool, making it easy to measure out a dose. Most cocktails use 2 oz of liquor, with a target dose of 4 milligrams — or two capfuls — in each canna-cocktail, but hey, we wouldn’t mind an extra-strong drink.

Available: California

For the baker and edibles maker: Azuca CBD Sugar

Infused treats are great, but infused ingredients allow for even more flexibility in the kitchen, and make the best gifts for those who love to bring their own creative signature to the party. Offered in bulk by the ¼ pound or whole pound, each ½ teaspoon of Azuca’s CBD Sugar contains 25 milligrams of fast-acting CBD.

This CBD sugar is designed to be odorless and tasteless so that it can blend into any recipe without having to make flavor adjustments.

Available: Nationwide

Find Azuca

For the all-night dancer: Artet Tet & Tonic

The ease and convenience of ready-to-drink cocktails is a trend that has proven its staying power, for cannabis and alcohol alike. Artet’s Tet & Tonic beverage was made with nightclubs in mind, going for an easy-drinking tipple in the same realm as a gin and tonic.

Each 12-oz can has 5 milligrams of both THC and CBD, so you may have a couple throughout the night without worrying about a THC overload.

Available: California

Featured image courtesy of Good Stuff

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