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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

Three Locations in Massachusetts to carry Azuca’s TiME INFUSION™ Technology

COLORADO/NEW YORK (November 16, 2020)—Azuca, the leading all-natural fast-acting edibles brand, has partnered with Patriot Care—the Massachusetts arm of Columbia Care—to expand its footprint and fulfill the demand for a quick-onset, controllable edible experience by utilizing its TiME INFUSION™ technology. With this new partnership, Patriot Care will now carry fast-acting edibles made with Azuca’s delicious cannabinoid infusions.
“Massachusetts is a key market for Azuca. Patients and recreational customers are rightfully demanding edibles that are fast-acting, reliable and consistent. Azuca’s TiME INFUSION™ technology is the most compelling cannabinoid delivery system in the market,” said Kim Sanchez Rael, President & CEO of Azuca.
“We are proud to partner with Patriot Care and make fast-acting, chef-quality cannabinoid-infused products available to those in need.”
Azuca’s TiME INFUSION™ process makes cannabinoid molecules water friendly, and enables faster uptake, beginning immediately in the mouth and avoiding the liver where cannabinoids are degraded and absorption is slowed. Traditional edible products on the market take up to 90 minutes to take effect, however Azuca’s are made to take effect within 15 minutes. Azuca’s product line consists of a variety of chef-quality, innovative ingredients like simple syrups and sugars which can be used to create edibles that both taste good and act quickly.

Patriot Care, a Columbia Care company, will bring their new fast-acting edibles, including hard candy lozenges and gummies, to all three Massachusetts facilities, located in Boston, Greenfield, and Lowell. One of the leading states in both medical and recreational cannabis, Massachusetts continues to expand
its market for cannabinoid-infused edibles and introduce innovative technologies.

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About Azuca
Azuca is a privately held, investor-backed company that develops and markets chef-quality edible products. Azuca’s products are powered by its patent-pending TiME INFUSION™ process which encapsulates cannabinoid molecules, making them easy to metabolize and more “water friendly,” for a predictable and controllable experience every time. Azuca’s hemp-derived CBD products are sold online
at Azuca TiME INFUSION™ is also available in the Wana Quick gummies line in Colorado. Azuca’s Branded Adult use products are available in select Massachusetts dispensaries. Follow Azuca on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Patriot Care

Patriot Care, a Columbia Care company, provides high-quality and innovative cannabinoid products. Patriot Care has three dispensary locations in Boston, Greenfield, and Lowell Massachusetts. Patriot Cares’ expert cultivation team curates a unique repertoire of specialty genetics with diverse attributes to meet the needs of its patients. Its one-of-a kind strain menu exhibits cutting-edge cannabinoid breeding at its best. To learn more go to

About Columbia Care
Columbia Care Inc. is one of the largest and most experienced multi-state operators in the medical cannabinoid industry, with licenses in 15 jurisdictions in the US and the EU. In addition to medical cannabis products, Columbia Care also offers a variety of health and wellness brands and products, including its
own hemp CBD brands that are full spectrum, independent 3rd party tested, organic, GMO-free, and produced in cGMP-compliant facilities. Columbia Care’s flagship hemp CBD brand, Columbia Care Platinum Label, aims to set the standard in potency and purity. Learn more at

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