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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

Culinary to Cannabis: Chef Builds Quality Focused Edibles Brand

Ron Silver is truly a jack of all trades.  From artist to chef to cannabis mad scientist, he pretty much covers it all.

Silver began his cooking career at the age of 13 and with years of hard work, he created a popular restaurant brand called Bubby’s that has multiple locations, one in New York City and some in Japan.

Besides Bubby’s raved about food, it has become a staple in their New York community due to Silver’s mission of supporting the local communities that have helped him get to where he is today.

Unfortunately, in this period with COVID-19, many restaurants are closing their doors for good since the pandemic occurred.

Thankfully, for Bubby’s, this has not been the case due to the support of their community. In fact, it has actually been thriving during this period.

What makes his culinary success a bit ironic is that Silver started cooking to possess the funds to pursue painting and other creative endeavors.

Silver also had a strong interest in cannabis from a scientific standpoint. He was amazed by the cannabis plant and all of the potential of the plant’s properties.

Silver’s culinary skills combined with his knowledge and fascination for cannabis, he noticed a problem that many were seeing in the edible sector of the industry but had a different view on how to solve it.

That problem was incorrect dosages with absorption rates that varied, leaving cannabis users with unpredictable highs that could potentially harm them.

After years of success with his restaurants, Silver created Azuca, a cannabis edible brand that offers proprietary cannabis technology to help ensure that his edibles are both accurate and have quick absorption rates.

Cannabis entrepreneurs and researchers have set out to solve this issue. Silver’s method is unique and offers something different than what is currently out there.

In this Meet the CEO hosted by Garrett Olano, you’ll learn how Silver built these brands around strong missions to help positively impact not only his communities but the people who use his cannabis edible products.


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