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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

We’ve all seen them — the sketchy looking CBD products in the local corner store. There’s a seeming abundance of CBD in everything you can think of from pet treats to sleep aids. Trying to sort the high-quality infused products from the junk can lead consumers to question what is in this product? Can I really trust it?

The market has been flooded with hundreds of new companies marketing thousands of products after Congress ended the federal CBD prohibition in late 2018. While the burgeoning market can be a great thing for companies touting thoughtful and compliant products, everyone wants to know how to differentiate the good from the bad.

When navigating the current CBD landscape, there are a couple of factors that set companies apart. This includes knowing 1) the source quality of the CBD, 2) that the CBD is completely free of anything harmful such as pesticides and heavy metals, and 3) that the company has earned the trust of industry peers. One case study in successful hemp-based CBD edibles is Azuca, a line of chef-quality, edible products  that is both reliably fast-acting and great tasting every time.

Azuca prides itself on staying constantly engaged in keeping up with current regulatory best practices. In a market that is largely unregulated, label accuracy stands out as a first sign of quality and trust. If a company promises 25mg of CBD and actually delivers 25mg, it’s a sign they’re not cutting corners in other areas. A sampling of the market, recently conducted by Leafly, found that only 51% of products (24 of 47) delivered the promised CBD within 20% of the labelled application. This an abysmal statistic. Consumers shouldn’t have to stand for such arbitrarily made products.

Azuca’s products are independently lab tested three times for safety, accuracy of experience, and onset time. The original hemp source is tested, the Azuca TiME™ INFUSION is tested, and then the final Azuca product is tested. This is all before we send it out to consumers. Every Azuca product delivers the correct quantity of CBD as labelled, no exceptions.

Major retailer and industry brands (more on that in the coming months) are already working with Azuca. You will start finding Azuca products in familiar stores in your nearby malls, online shopping services, and working with leading industry players. Our products are highly respected in the industry, because we work exactly as promised. No other product in the market allows you to own the quality of your CBD experience like Azuca.

While many companies are taking advantage of the unregulated aspects of the market, ultimately following the general rules and regulations set forth by the FDA for supplements is key to garnering consumer trust and creating a top-tier product. From packaging and labeling to production and marketing, the “rule of thumb” is that adherence to these standards will avoid other red flags. Brands aligning themselves with the general direction the FDA are perceived to be moving in a direction that creates fewer pit-falls and easier accessibility for their product.

Additionally, products that are CPG-ready and able to be sold as an add-on to established mainstream products are leading the market. Consumer packaged goods, like Azuca’s simple syrup, chocolate coins, or sugar packets, become ingrained in daily routines and need to be replenished when used, creating greater sales potential.

Ultimately, brands, like Azuca, that are investing their time and energy in staying up-to-date on current regulatory practices, and investing time and energy on going above and beyond in product testing, are most likely to succeed as the market continues to solidify.

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