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Try any Azuca product with our 30-day risk-free trial. LEARN MORE >

How CBD Sugar Is Changing Kitchens Around The U.S.

CBD sugar, if it is made correctly, brings sweetness into our favorite baked goodies without tainting the flavor with a bitter aftertaste. Although hemp is loved throughout the world, not everybody loves the way that it tastes. The good news is that thanks to Azuca and groundbreaking technology, there is a hemp-infused sugar available that does not bring the baggage of bitterness. Because of this, kitchens all around the United States are free to infuse their favorite creations with high-quality CBD. 

This is a big deal.

Many cannabis enthusiasts believe in the wellness benefits that hemp has to offer. Although there is not enough scientific evidence to claim that hemp is completely safe and effective, many believers stand by the promise that hemp is a miracle herb. Is it? It very well could be…

The Big Deal About Hemp-Infused Sugar

Hemp infused sugar is so versatile that it can be used in the same manner as plain sugar. It dissolves effortlessly into beverages, sprinkles easily onto snacks and fruit. It can also be quickly dissolved on the tongue like a sweet little blast of goodness. Baking great edibles has never been easier or had a better taste. Previously, oil-based hemp extracts had to be infused into baking goods via oil. Now that we have hemp-infused sugar the sweetness can be baked right into the edible just like an ordinary treat. It doesn’t even have to be baked in. It can be stirred in, blended in, or even sprinkled in. This makes the old way of creating amazing edibles seem like a silly way to do things. The new way of using CBD infused sugar is beginning to make its way into kitchens everywhere.


That’s only part of it…


Full-spectrum hemp products are chock full of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that all work together in an effort to bring the highest level of effect that is possible in each dose. This is known as the entourage effect. Because of the advanced technology Azuca puts into creating their products, each molecule of CBD becomes encapsulated in a process known as TiME INFUSION™. What this does is allows the CBD molecules a way to get into the bloodstream and cause an effect within about 15 minutes. The normal time it takes for the effects of CBD to begin is around 45 minutes. So, what this means is that all of the goodies that come together to create the entourage effect are in your bloodstream in one-third of the time it would normally take. How about that?


How about excitement and adventure?


What this Means for Chefs and Cooks

Although there are plenty of “old school” chefs and cooks that will always do things in the kitchen the same way, there are a ton more that know culinary arts are constantly evolving and there is always more to learn. Trying new things, and experimenting is how many of the great chefs of today got so great. Azuca CBD sugar is water friendly. This means that edible recipes can be changed from adding CBD oil to butter, or another oil to mixing it directly in like sugar. This allows for huge possibilities. There is now a whole new realm of experimenting and adventure to be discovered. As CBD and hemp products are becoming more and more accepted in society today, there will be more and more great chefs and cooks coming into the arena with their own fresh creations and tasteful delights.


This sounds like fun!

Some Great Recipes to Get Started With

Hearing about all of this deliciousness might have you wondering what you can do in the kitchen for yourself. Azuca has a whole collection of recipes, here are a few you can try on your own:



These recipes can be made with the Azuca Sugar Sticks as well. These are pre-measured sticks of sugar that you can carry around with you anywhere you go and easily add them to whatever you choose.

Baristas and Bartenders

With all of the attention focused on cooks and chefs, it’s time to shine a little light on our beverage creators. Imagine your favorite frappe or latte being sweetened by CBD infused sugar. Although there may not be many alcoholic drinks that have added sugar, they may become a bit hit real soon. Since this sugar blends well with water the possibilities for exciting, fresh beverages are limitless. 

What you Need to Know About CBD


Not all states are on board with the use of CBD. Some states, completely ban the manufacturing and sales of food or drink products that contain CBD. Before you decide to put any cannabis product in your food or drink, make sure it is legal to do so where you live. By making an edible, or creating a beverage that contains CBD and giving it, or selling it to somebody else you could be breaking the law. It is your own responsibility to know what laws and regulations are in effect where you use CBD products. Yes, be creative, but also stay informed.


Big Changes Ahead?

Yes, CBD infused sugar is awesome. It has brought a whole new dimension into both the food and the hemp industry. Will everybody jump on board? Probably eventually. For now, it is still a growing trend that many have not experienced yet. As CBD becomes more accepted around the world you can expect to see more and more establishments offering CBD infused edibles and other goodies on their menus. This is good news for the cannabis lovers of today, the CBD future looks pretty bright.

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