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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

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Why These Edibles Activate Quickly and Offset Predictably

By: Patricia Miller

Wouldn’t it be nice if the effects of cannabis edibles were as consistent as the effects of alcohol? Each beer in a six-pack has the same potency, onset time, and offset time — that’s what makes it appealing for social settings.

The cannabis industry is still working to reach that level of consistency, but new research and technology is closing in on perfection.

Innovations in edibles are making headway and a handful of companies are leading the charge.

Wana Brands, North America’s top-selling infused-cannabis producer, seems to have cracked the code with their thermodynamic individual molecular encapsulation nano-technology (TIME), developed by Azuca.

Their technology allows them to create gummies that activate in minutes.

They’ve also perfected their formula to ensure it wears off in two to four hours. This predictability could help people embrace cannabis as a social substance similar to beer or wine.

Wana Brands CEO Nancy Whiteman is eager for people to try out their newest flavors, modeled after popular alcoholic drinks.

“With an onset time of just 5-15 minus and a shorter duration, these class-specific, cocktail-inspired gummies are ideal for summer socializing — especially for people who are seeking an alternative to drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis,” said Whiteman.

This level of precision is uncommon in the industry.

Some companies, like Ripple by Stillwater, are conducting clinical human trials to hone in on precision formulations with repeatable onset and offset times.

Wana Brands however, is one of the few companies offered in so many regions, including 11 U.S. markets and 9 Canadian markets.

New flavors include Sativa Peach Bellini, Hybrid Lemoncello, Strawberry Margarita, Hybrid Appletini, and many more.

Edibles are convenient to carry, have no odor, can be eaten discreetly, and can be layered to create customizable outcomes.

The company is using a formula that bypasses the liver to enter the bloodstream immediately, which is why they can achieve such rapid onset.

If you’re jazzed to try some yourself, check out their Summer of Quick Tour.

They’re offering mobile happy hours in conjunction with popular outdoor events across 4 states. Games, prizes, and Wana flash deals will support nonprofit organizations assisting with wildfire efforts and pandemic relief.


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