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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

Da Capo, located at 322 Columbus Avenue (between 75th and 76th Streets), operates as an espresso bar by day, serving Italian espresso, specialty drinks, pastries and paninis. At 5PM, Da Capo transforms into a specialty cocktail bar with tons of cool drinks on their menu. 

And now included in that list of cool drinks are CBD (Cannabidiol) cocktails, first announced.

Da Capo has partnered with weed edibles company Azuca to offer cannabis-infused sweeteners which customers can add to their drinks (or you can get a special CBD cocktail).

The company states that CBD can help relieve pain and anxiety, and Da Capo is the second NYC establishment to partner with them.

So, will these drinks get you stoned? 

Well, here’s the product description on Azuca’s website …

Made to mix effortlessly into drinks and recipes, our hand-crafted syrups never contain more than 7 ingredients. Compared to the average flavored syrup on the market, you’ll find Azuca Syrups to be quite a bit more wholesome and incredibly delicious.  And because Azuca Syrups are faster-acting, you can serve them socially and they’ll take effect in a few minutes, instead of hours later.  

So you’ll feel something, most likely. But I don’t think we’re talking Half Baked, Big Lebowski stoned.

Since Da Capo opened their west side location they’ve become really popular. So these new products will either increase their customer loyalty and / or expand their customer base.

For those seeking more unique and adventurous ingredients, they also have an absinthe cocktail (their Sazerac, made with absinthe, rye, demerrara and bitters).

Their cocktail menu has gotten a ton of positive reviews for its depth and inventiveness.

Da Capo has also collected lots of praise for their coffee, service and food. And they frequently host events including wine, booze and coffee tastings, food workshops and live music.

People have really grown to like this place since they opened (which was October of 2017). Their original location is on the UES, at 1392 Madison Ave.

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