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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

We’ve all experienced trying a CBD product that tastes medicinal, hemp-like, or just plain bad. Until recently most CBD products used distillates or herbal extracts that left taste to be desired. And even if the product does taste fine, what about unreliable experiences and onset?

Founded by Ron Silver, world-renowned chef of beloved NYC restaurant Bubby’s, Azuca delivers a line of chef-quality, edible products that are fast-acting and taste great every time.

Throughout his tenure at Bubby’s and lifetime in the kitchen, Ron learned that the most delicious dishes come from sourcing the best ingredients and creating the most satisfying flavors and textures. Ron searched the CBD market for products that fulfilled his two criteria and came up empty handed.

His frustration with the lack of delicious, effective CBD products in the market led him to develop Azuca’s range of hemp-CBD infused offerings including simple syrup and sugar for beverages and recipes, and chocolate coins made with premium ingredients like 61% Valrhona chocolate.

In his efforts to create a chef-quality hemp-based CBD product, Ron began to encounter other problems. How to create products that blend effortlessly (oil-based hemp won’t mix and leaves a separate slick at the top), set-in quickly, and offer a reliable experience every time?

He embarked on years of research, development, and innovation to change the way the world experiences —and savors—CBD. Ron ultimately created his own ingredients that blend seamlessly into recipes, leave no aftertaste, and take effect in just fifteen minutes.

How? Azuca’s patent-pending TiME™ Infusion, or Thermodynamic Individual Molecular Encapsulation™, a process breakthrough that prioritizes taste, purity, and onset. The delayed onset problem is not new, nor is nano-lipid or nano-emulsification technologies. What is new is Azuca’s approach. They attack the problem from another angle, they do not use a nano-lipid or fat-based emulsification.

Instead, Azuca’s patent-pending TiME™ Infusion creates a unique thermodynamic matrix of individually encapsulated molecules, resulting in a hydrophilic, or water-friendly, ingredient. Oil-based ingestibles are processed by the liver, making it impossible, due to variability of liver function, to have a predictable experience. Instead, Azuca’s hydrophilic technology bypasses that lengthy trip through the liver, and is absorbed into the soft tissue and stomach, allowing cannabinoids to take effect in a groundbreaking 5 to 15 minutes—offering an experience that is predictable and controllable, every time.

So, why does any of this matter? Consumers are looking for reliable, consistent, and delicious CBD products, and most offerings lack the taste and technology to deliver. Azuca’s TiME™ infusion process paired with their chef-curated ingredients stand a cut above the rest.

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