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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

Would you get high with your grandparents?

More than half of cannabis enthuesiasts would.

That’s according to a recent survey by Azuca looking at Americans and cannabis consumption amid increasing legalization across the country.

From cannabis at work to the future of pain management, the survey polled 1,089 people online and looked to also uncover which form of cannabis consumers are looking for.

Lego figures on grandparent & adult grandchild: Canadian Evergreen: Would You Get High With Your Grandparents?

Would you consume cannabis with a grandparent? According to 60% of cannabis users the answer is yes. (

Some of the key findings included that 53 per cent have tried edibles through the ongoing pandemic, 43 per cent rely on cannabis as a sleep aid and 53 per cent prefer gummies over chocolate or food edibles (30 per cent).

While recreational cannabis is now legal in over 18 U.S. states, the survey revealed that 50 per cent of those surveyed report they have never consumed cannabis. For those who do, 28 per cent said they do so daily, 15 per cent monthly, 18 per cent weekly and 39 per cent just a few times a year.

Meanwhile, 60 percent said they’d get high with a grandparent.

Azuca CEO Kim Sanchez Rael said in a statement the full survey findings reinforce the belief that edibles are the future of the cannabis industry, but also that there is a long way to go in educating Americans about cannabis.

“While consumer demand is growing exponentially, now is the time to bring sophisticated and approachable products to market that people can trust.”

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