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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

The beloved restaurant Bubby’s and owner Ron Silver earlier this month hosted a special launch tasting to introduce Wakayama Ume to New York City.

The stateside debut of one of Japan’s rarest plums highlighted a food demo that will soon be available in November at the Tribeca location.

Esteemed for its ability to aid in fatigue recovery and purify the body, the Wakayama Ume boasts a distinctively sour flavor that has solidified a place in the hearts and on the menus of Japan’s top chefs.

Health benefits of the fruit were discussed as guests enjoyed plates featuring Ume syrup on Bubby’s pancakes and in the whipped cream of a warm cobbler.

Guests discovered several health benefits of the fruit, as well as experienced the restaurants special CBD-infused servings. Soon for all of New York City to enjoy and to find a new form for ideal health will be such selections as Ume Mimosas, and Azuca CBD infused Ume Soda.

Be sure to check out the location and here for more details.

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