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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

Berkshire Roots Launches Fast-Acting Cold Brew Chocolate Bar

The Specialty Chocolate Bar is made with a proprietary roast from Six Depot Coffee and is the first Berkshire Roots product to be made with Fast-Acting TiME INFUSION® from pioneering ingredient company Azuca


Berkshire County (September 7, 2023) – Berkshire Roots has chosen its Special Edition Cold Brew Chocolate bar as the first of its edible offerings to feature Azuca’s fast-acting TiME INFUSION® Activator. The top selling dark chocolate bar is on the forefront of innovation, reinvention and revival.

In addition to fast onset, the dark chocolate bar is made with full spectrum cannabis. Utilizing full spectrum cannabis extract encapsulated with TiME INFUSION® will result in a more well-rounded effect as it preserves the minor cannabinoids and terpenes that are typically stripped in the process of distillation. 

“It’s exciting to work with new technology and do something unique and revolutionary that folks can benefit from,” said Kris Foley, Berkshire Roots Director of Infused Product and Chef with 25 years of experience. 

The Cold Brew bar itself enjoys a popularity earned through the sourcing of single-origin Peruvian Criollo cacao, a rare variety accounting for just 6% of the world’s chocolate, and a collaboration with well-loved and respected Berkshire County business, Six Depot Coffee.  The proprietary roast curated by Six Depot boasts a finer grind, resulting in a seamless integration that delivers a luxuriously smooth and indulgent, melt-in-your mouth chocolate and coffee experience. 

“We are super excited to be part of this collaboration with Berkshire Roots and Azuca in creating this delicious and groundbreaking chocolate-cold brew bar,” said Flavio Lichtenthal, Six Depot Coffee Owner and Operator. “For this project we specifically developed a cold brew blend composed of deeply roasted high grown Arabica beans from Brazil and India, featuring smooth earthy notes of chocolate, almond, caramel and malt, with a hint of citrus, to best complement the rich and full flavors of the Peruvian Criollo cacao.”

Key to the rapid efficacy of the TiME INFUSION® process is the encapsulation of cannabinoids and terpenes, initiating near-instant absorption in the soft tissues of the mouth. By preempting the first-pass metabolism, this process also preserves the euphoric sensory effects that are typically only achieved via inhalation, and minimizes the effects of traditional edibles that often result in a couch-lock.

“With our premium full spectrum cannabis, TiME INFUSION®, and the incredible flavors of Six  Depot Coffee’s cold brew blend, the effects of our fast-acting Cold Brew bar are much more like smoking the plant and it tastes as good as it feels,” Foley added.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Berkshire Roots and elevate the chocolate edibles experience,” said Kim Sanchez Rael, Azuca Co-founder and CEO. “We are aligning on our mission to not only deliver high-quality products with exceptional taste, but redefine the marketplace by providing fast-acting, predictable products that consumers can trust.”

Berkshire Roots will be the first cultivator in Western Mass to provide a fast onset, high quality, Kosher and Vegan chocolate – one that comes with a little coffee flavored kick.


About Berkshire Roots:

Berkshire Roots is one of Massachusetts leading cannabis cultivation and dispensary operators providing craft-grown cannabis from Berkshire County. The company’s expertise in cultivation, extraction lab and infused products are considered amongst the best in the state. Strict quality control and lab testing ensure patients and consumers experience the ultimate cannabis experience. Berkshire Roots branded products are sold in its own dispensaries in Pittsfield, MA and East Boston, MA and throughout dispensaries around the state in more than 75 partner locations. Berkshire Roots is committed to using our voice to end racial injustice within our community and at the national level through its diversity training, hiring practices and donations to organizations that support these initiatives.  

About Azuca:

Azuca® serves edibles and beverage manufacturers with best-in-class, fast-acting delivery systems and advanced formulations. Azuca’s products are chef-created, science-forward and powered by its patent-pending TiME INFUSION® process, which encapsulates individual cannabinoid molecules, making them “water-friendly,” for a predictable and controllable experience every time. Azuca ranked No. 214 on the Inc. 5000, the annual list of fastest-growing private companies in America, and was named to Forbes’ annual The Cannabis 42.0 list in 2023. Learn more about Azuca on and follow Azuca on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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