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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

Azuca Introduces New High-Capacity Formula for Fast-Acting Edibles:
—Now with 3x Infusion Loading Capacity—

new high-capacity infusion formula for edibles manufacturers and brands

NEW YORK (January 25, 2022) –The next generation of AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ is here. Leading edibles ingredient company Azuca today announced its newest fast-acting infusion formula for edibles manufacturers, TiME INFUSIONActivator Formula D2. 

Azuca’s patent-pending infusion process is now available with 3x higher cannabinoid capacity than the original D1 formula, and is the most simple and scalable manufacturing solution for fast-acting gummies, beverages, baked goods, pressed tabs, syrups, and more. 

“The future of edibles is evolving quickly. We continue to innovate our formulations for high-quality, predictable, and fast-acting edibles while providing beneficial solutions for brands and manufacturers.” said Kim Rael, President & CEO, Azuca. “One of the core benefits of using AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ is the ability to create delicious chef-ready ingredients for edibles producers. While our original Formula D1 provides a 10mg cannabinoid per 1 gram infused ingredient ratio, our new Formula D2 offers an enhanced capability to increase capacity to 30mg per 1g. This opens considerable opportunity in product form factors and provides even greater production efficiencies for our current and future partners.”

Features of AZUCA TiME INFUSIONActivator Formula D2 include: 

  • Higher Dosed Products: With a new 3X infusion load capacity, Azuca D2 allows for 30mg cannabinoid per 1g ingredient. Thanks to a stronger ingredient, this means manufacturers now have the ability to make higher dosed products for smaller form factors and/or reduced labor.
  • Stable & Scalable: Similar to Azuca’s existing TiME INFUSION™ Formula D1, Activator D2 is manufacturing friendly, requires no expensive lab equipment, and can be easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes. This offers a cost-effective and scalable infusion process, which continues to reduce waste by up to 65% compared to traditional edibles manufacturing. The technology is applicable to both wet and dry ingredients and is GRAS compliant.
  • Fast-Acting, Hydrophilic, and Great Tasting: All products made with TiME INFUSION™ can be quickly absorbed by the body’s soft tissues, offering consumers a unique, fast-acting, controllable edibles experience. The process does not interfere with the normal characteristics of raw ingredients, so the taste is never compromised. Delta-9-THC Sensorial Effect: Azuca D2 Activator provides consumers with a socially consumable Delta-9-THC experience, a euphoric high akin to smoking, rather than the 11-Hydroxy-THC experience which is often referred to as “couch lock.”

AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ encapsulates individual cannabinoid molecules and makes them water-friendly, enabling faster uptake, which begins immediately in the mouth and avoids the liver where cannabinoids are degraded and absorption is slowed. Azuca’s existing product line consists of a variety of chef-quality, innovative ingredients which can be used to create edibles that both taste great and act quickly. In addition to Azuca’s licensed products, the company specializes in expert product development and can work with numerous ingredient applications, including a new special formulation for chocolate. 

To learn more about Azuca, and access its recently published white paper on how AZUCA TiME INFUSIONis helping reduce waste in edibles manufacturing, visit here.

About Azuca

Azuca is a privately held, investor-backed company that serves edibles manufacturers with best-in-class, fast-onset delivery systems. Azuca’s products are chef-created and powered by its patent-pending AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ process which encapsulates individual cannabinoid molecules, making them “water-friendly,” for a predictable and controllable experience every time. AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ is also available in dozens of SKU’s, including Wana Quick gummies. Azuca’s branded and co-branded THC products are available in select dispensaries across the US and Canada. Learn more about Azuca on and Follow Azuca on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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