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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

A Conversation with Evervibe’s COO Stephanie Weaver | MJBizCon | Partner Updates

Join us for an insightful conversation and case study with Stephanie Weaver, the Chief Operating Officer of Evervibe, an innovative cannabis brand on a mission to elevate everyday life. Delve into the transformation of cannabis consumption with Evervibe’s THC-infused powder drink additive powered by TiME INFUSION®, a pioneer in the “ready to mix” realm, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for all. Stephanie shares her vision for the brand, discusses the challenges of traditional edibles, and unveils exciting plans – showcasing Azuca’s seamless integration with the unique needs of forward-thinking brands.

Can you give us a quick overview about Evervibe?

Evervibe is what we refer to as a THC and flavor-infused powder drink additive. We’re deeply committed to spreading the message of “Live Like You.” Our primary focus lies in that ethos and in the brand itself, and we’ve worked diligently to ensure that our product offering aligns seamlessly. With our powder drink additive, we provide a versatile platform for people to consume cannabis in a manner that suits them best. Whether it’s mixing it into 8 ounces of water, seltzer, or by crafting a mocktail, we hope that our customers can emphasize that consuming cannabis is a personal choice worth celebrating. It doesn’t always require a specific reason; it’s simply a choice we support – and we’re providing a few different ways to enjoy it!

What sets Evervibe’s product apart in the cannabis market? What kind of problems are you solving for your customers?

Our choice of this particular form factor accommodates the need for discretion. Not all users are comfortable openly discussing their cannabis use, particularly newer and occasional consumers. Ideally, we’d love to see people embrace it openly, but we also recognize our role in introducing new and occasional users to the market. Particularly relevant for those who spend more time at home, our products do not emit any noticeable odors, which is highly beneficial for our target demographic, including parents. This discretion enables them to comfortably consume cannabis in the comfort of their homes. 

Additionally, we understand that many cannabis users seek alternatives to smoking. Our products offer a sessionable, more social aspect of consumption. Traditional gummies are typically chewed and consumed quickly. In contrast, when consumed as a beverage, Evervibe provide a unique experience that can be savored over an extended period, similar to how you would hang out over a beer or cocktail. We’ve also placed great emphasis on taste. Evervibe products offer a flavored water with a subtle, less-sweet taste, ensuring that users can enjoy their chosen product without overwhelming sweetness. This also allows for flexibility, with some users enjoying two packs or just half a pack, depending on their preferences and tolerances.

How did you decide to create a beverage?

Our choice to introduce a THC and flavor infused powder drink additive stemmed from its growing popularity and the desire to grow the “ready to mix” category, offering distinct advantages over traditional cannabis beverages. This choice was guided by the goal of providing consumers with a comfortable and familiar means of cannabis consumption, mirroring existing consumption habits and promoting a social, enjoyable experience. People are already very familiar with the concept of holding a glass of wine during cocktail hour, so this provides that similar feeling of having something to hold on to all night. The innovative technology from Azuca, allowing soft tissue absorption for immediate and euphoric effects, played a pivotal role in shaping our vision.

What are the operational benefits to your product/this category?

From a logistics standpoint, creating a ready-to-mix product means bringing benefits to dispensaries, alleviating supply chain complexities and storage issues while delivering a high-value product.  Our “ready to mix” products don’t take up a ton of dispensary shelf or utilize a ton of manpower from employees to physically unload. Eliminating refrigerator or freezer space is a big advantage. There is a higher margin for the dispensaries as well. It’s a win for everyone!

As a brand, we also take a super tactical approach to build relationships with budtenders and dispensaries. We want to not only sell our product into the store, but actually make sure it leaves the shelf. We feel confident in the value we provide the dispensaries from both the product itself, and a customer support perspective.

How did you end up partnering with Azuca? What made you choose Azuca?

What initially attracted us to Azuca was the customer service aspect and the people behind it. It’s been a terrific partnership. As for the technology, what really got me excited was the soft tissue absorption. It’s incredible how it’s rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream, providing an almost immediate impact and a more euphoric effect for consumers. Our aim with Evervibe was never to create a product that leaves you couch-bound for hours, feeling unlike yourself. We wanted something better.

What does the future look like for Evervibe? Are there any plans for expansion or the exploration of new use cases?

In the future, we aim to diversify our product offerings. While I’m somewhat hesitant to overload our products with various additives, such as melatonin or vitamins, which I believe can sometimes be excessive in the market, our primary goal remains clear. We want people to consume cannabis because they want to. Simple as that. To achieve this, we’re focused on creating a range of distinct product offerings with innovation form factors. More to come soon!

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Partner Updates

Hurry up and relax with GOOD Gummies! We’re thrilled to partner with Good Alaska on their launch of Fast-Acting GOOD Gummies, now available in over 80 locations across the beautiful state of Alaska. Fueled by Azuca’s TiME INFUSION®, these delectable gummies promise a swift onset within 5-15 minutes. Locate them near you, now available in a juicy grape flavor.

We’re celebrating as our partner Wana introduces their Quick gummies in Illinois! Crafted with TiME INFUSION®, these flavorful delights offer a choice of Peach Bellini Sativa (our CEO Kim’s favorite!), Illinois Sunrise Sativa, Limoncello Hybrid, Piña Colada Indica, and Strawberry Margarita 1:1. Elevate your cannabis journey with the perfect blend of taste and effect by finding them at a dispensary near you

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