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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

As CBD proves to be a versatile ingredient in everything from beauty products to coffee grounds, this cannabis extract shows no signs of slowing down. CBD has now started to pop-up on dinner and drink menus at some restaurants, as interest in its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties continues to increase. Coffee shops, diners, and even hotels are picking up on the CBD trend and creating cannabis-infused foods for their customers.

We looked at restaurants from across the country to find the most innovative uses of CBD in different dishes, drinks, and desserts. It was no easy feat to curate this list, but the ten eateries listed here impressed us with their CBD-infused food and drink options, and are worth adding to your culinary bucket list.

The James New York—NoMad Hotel

It may not fall into the restaurant or coffee shop category, but The James NoMad Hotel is a popular destination where guests have the opportunity to order room service from a CBD menu. On this menu, guests can choose CBD-infused dishes that range from spicy meatballs and butter salad, to ice cream sundaes and gummies—even CBD dog treats can be delivered to your room. It’s rare to find a full menu dedicated to CBD-infused food and treats, which is definitely an added bonus for visitors staying at this hotel.

Where: New York, NY



Best known for its traditional American eats and an “off the commercial food grid” philosophy, Bubby’s is embracing this mindset by introducing CBD-infused drinks to their customers. On Bubby’s menu, there is a section dedicated to beverages that incorporate CBD into coffee, tea, and lemonade. Bubby’s makes note to only serve these drinks to customers who are 21 or older, and they use CBD-infused Azuca sugars and syrups that are absent of any other cannabinoids.

Where: New York, NY


The Butcher’s Daughter

With restaurant locations in New York and California, The Butcher’s Daughter is a growing juice bar and cafe that gives their patrons the option to add CBD to their smoothies, coffee, or lattes. The additional charge to add CBD is only $3 in New York, and $4 at the California location. The Butcher’s Daughter sources their CBD from the brand Plant People, and it may also be possible to add CBD to their food dishes or pastries upon request.

Where: Brooklyn, NY
New York, NY
Venice, CA



A vegan-based eatery with locations in the U.S. and Europe, by CHLOE has an extensive menu that features a section dedicated to CBD-infused treats. Titled “FEELZ,” this portion of by CHLOE’s menu incorporates CBD into cookies, rice crispy treats, cupcakes, and brownies, which are baked fresh, in-house each day. The restaurant chain has locations in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Providence, but these CBD desserts are only available in their New York stores.

Where: New York, NY



Also featured as one of the best spas offering CBD treatments in 2018, the Chillhouse doubles as an eatery and earns its place among the most buzzworthy. A trendy location for many, this cafe offers lattes and beverages enhanced with CBD tinctures, on top of their nail care services and CBD-infused massage treatments. Designed as a destination for self care, Chillhouse excels in creating a relaxing environment with multiple ways to experience CBD.

Where: New York, NY


Monarch & the Milkweed

A self-serving restaurant based out of Vermont, Monarch & the Milkw$$d specializes in serving cocktails, pastries, and cannabis confections. Some of their treats, like bon bons, strawberry blondes, or white chocolate truffles include CBD, and they also offer some THC options since marijuana is legal in the state of Vermont. Monarch & the Milkweed also impresses with their labelling, which lets customers know how many milligrams of CBD (and possibly THC) are present in the cannabis confections they are buying.

Where: Burlington, VT


Caffeine Underground

A modern coffee shop with creativity in mind, Caffeine Underground is a cool place to get a cup of CBD-infused coffee. Customers can also enjoy CBD caramels, or opt to add CBD jam to their bagel or toast for an extra $2. In addition to their CBD-infused food and drinks, Caffeine Underground hosts fun events each week, from live music to film showings and open mic nights, this coffee shop has it all.

Where: Brooklyn, NY


Moon Juice

Based in plant-sourced ingredients and natural remedies, Moon Juice aims to represent a holistic lifestyle that extends beyond basic juices and milks. This shop only serves organic foods and drinks, with patrons having the option to add CBD into their choice of milk, latte, juice, tea, or other beverages. Listed under the “mood booster” portion of Moon Juice’s menu, it only costs $3.50 to upgrade any drink with CBD mint chocolate or olive oil hemp extract.

Where: Los Angeles, CA
Venice, CA


Original Hemp Cafe

Situated at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, the Original Hemp Cafe aims to incorporate hemp into all of their products, including teas, coffees, pastries, and more. This cafe and lounge uses full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from reputable Colorado hemp growers, and no T#@ is used in their brewing or infusion processes.​ They also have seed to table policies in place to ensure that their customers are getting the best experience possible, while still offering a wide variety of CBD food and beverage options.

Where: Colorado Springs, CO



Focused on creating delicious and healthy plant-based food options for its customers, Koku offers soft-serve with superfood ingredients and various toppings—including CBD cacao. This C@^#!&*$-infused cacao is used in Koku’s Zen bowl with fresh blueberries, coconut chips, and black sesame granola on raw cacao flavored soft serve. CBD is incorporated into this dish for its antioxidant benefits, with the intention to support the body and its many systems.

Where: New York, NY



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