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News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

News and Education ||  Free Shipping Over $39

Azuca's TiME INFUSION® transforms cannabinoids into fast-acting, great-tasting ingredients, all with a low equipment footprint and on your own production schedule.

  • Fast-Acting, Hydrophilic, and Great Tasting Ingestibles
  • Euphoric Delta-9-THC Effect
  • Temperature, Shelf, pH, & Supply Chain Stable
  • National Scalability Model
  • Reduces Waste up to 65%


Experience predictability with a fast onset time of 5-15 minutes. Our TiME INFUSION® process ensures fast and consistent absorption, so you're not left guessing. Predictable fast-onset and stackable effects are the key to socially consumable edibles.


Benefit from the specific psychotropic effects of Delta-9-THC. Our unique formulation minimizes the 11-Hydroxy-THC effect and offers a high that closely resembles that of smoking or vaping, giving you a choice in how you consume.


TiME INFUSION® utilizes an uninfused precursor and simple kitchen equipment. We provide step-by-step guidance to produce on your own schedule, leveraging our extensive expertise in both cannabis science and manufacturing.


Formulated by culinary experts, our edibles don't require bitter blockers or masking agents. Flavor forward recipes shine through, thanks to our encapsulation and surfactant-free process.


Our hydrophilic formulations result in better absorption and safety. Precise dosing methods have been scientifically developed to ensure effectiveness and reduce the risk of over consumption and disappointing product experiences.


Our ingredients have no impact on your final products shelf life. TiME INFUSION® is designed for temperature, shelf, and pH stability eliminating the common issues such as seepage or crystallization that can compromise quality.

We're transforming the edibles industry

Traditional edibles have problems, and “nano” is not the answer. We’ve defined the fast-acting and premium effects category with effective, great tasting, and scalable solutions for manufacturers and brands.

Our Culinary Roots

Created by chefs & cannabis lovers for chefs & cannabis lovers

Crafted by visionary chef and cannabis infusion expert Ron Silver and driven by the innovation of start-up veteran Kim Sanchez Rael, AZUCA’s chef-created products are powered by the uniquely scalable TiME INFUSION® process and fast-acting ACTiVATOR® product line.

What Our Partners Say

“I am so excited about the TiME INFUSION® formulations from Azuca—we will be able to tell people WHEN they can expect to have effects and they can plan their lives instead of waiting.”


“We have been carefully, some might say obsessively tracking the space for two years, and we have tried every product that we can get our hands on in the market place. We didn’t personally find that most of them were very effective in terms of delivering quick onset, so we were really looking for a better solution…We found it in Azuca.”


“Since our partnership began, there are increasingly more opportunities for us to expand and create new products for customers to enjoy a new edibles experience, including Azuca’s new Chocolate Activator.”


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